Two interesting Pennywise quotes

1. Zoli about taking over the vocals for PW:
"...I called him up, I said, "Jim, they're asking me to take over for you and stuff, can I have your blessing, is it okay?" Because we're friends and I want to make sure that I'm personable, number one, and that I'm doing a good job. He wrote these songs almost 20 years ago and I'm just stepping in and just karaokeing your sound and I don't want to do that, I want to believe it, I want to know what these songs are about. Can I come over and can we have dinner and can you go over these songs with me?"
He said, "You know, Zoli, you'd be the number one person I'd want to represent and replace me in Pennywise, and you do have my blessing."

2. New fast Bad Religion record?
Fletcher said: “Brett (from Bad Religion) even called me later and said, “I’m writing the new Bad Religion record right now, and your record has inspired me to write a fast Bad Religion record. I’m trying to write another “No Control” record here in my living room.”