Lowprofile - A Vulgar Display Of Powerchords (2012)

01. Appetiser For Reconstruction
02. Above The Waves
03. Scene Not Herd
04. Apathetic Means
05. Black Tuesday
06. Suspended Sentence
07. The Rats Are Leaving The Ship
08. Back On The Scrap Heap
09. Our Dillema
10. Closer
11. Continents Apart
12. Headlines
13. Treading Water

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Lowprofile may be south african's only surviving band of their kind. In 2003 they made a stoic commitment to the search for a perfect meld of 90's skatepunk and metal that has seen them outlast their contemporaries, rivals and mentors. Their latest album, A Vulgar Display of Powerchords, released on 26 May 2012, is a personal tour de force three years in the making. It further refines the band's sound, eschewing the ska and pop punk influences of 2005's Talk to Strangers and 2007's Wings! Don’t Fail Me Now for the more tightly-focused and politically charged melodic punk rock first heard on the Three Track Stinger EP (2011).
Thanks naplam for sharing the album.

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