INCOMING! - Consequences (2012)

01. Prelude
02. Misunderstanding
03. Get You Numb
04. Feel Nothing
05. Me & You
06. Consequence
07. Some Time
08. Don't Even Try
09. Speed
10. What Was Before
11. The Fear Inside
12. Some Time (acoustic)

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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INCOMING! is a relatevly young Moscow based punk band. They define their style as Fast-Melodic Punk, that was shaped under great influence by such bands as Belvedere, Rufio, Sunsgrind, Play Attenchon, Maximum The Hormone and ect... INCOMING! was formed by the former members of KeyX8 after their brake up in Novermber 2009. INCOMING! stated that they will begin to write their debut album in the beginning of 2010. The bands is already widely recognised for their catchy and energetic live shows and extensive connection with their on-groing fan base."

Good album, worth a listen.

- Sample song: Me & You -