VA - Skatepunk Origins 1979-1989 (2012)

01. Freewill - Almost Again
02. Ill Repute - Sleepwalking
03. Das Damen - Reverse Into Tomorrow
04. JFA - Nowhere Blossoms
05. RKL - Life In A Bottle
06. Chemical People - Submarine Dream
07. Big Boys - Which Way To Go
08. Minus One - Bored Of It
09. Adolescents - Kids Of The Black Hole
10. 7 Seconds - Sister
11. Scared Straight - Where Do We Go From Here?
12. M.I.A - Just A Dream
13. The GRIM - Old Towne Mall
14. D.I. - Living In the U.S.A.
15. T.S.O.L. - Peace Through power
16. Descendents - Ride The Wild

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Compilation made by spacesbetweendays from the skatepunkers forum:

So I know that a lot of you won't be into this, but I figured I would share this comp. I made for those who like the old school stuff. All of the bands featured either embraced skateboarding, skateboarding embraced the bands, or both. A lot of these bands were featured on the Thrasher "skate rock" tapes, or on the Santa Cruz and Powell VHS comps. I tried to get a good mix of hardcore and the more melodic mid-tempo stuff. Enjoy!

- Sample song: RKL - Life In A Bottle -