Setback - Anything That Hinders Progress (2000)

01. Driving Really Slow In The Fast Lane
02. Ten Cents A Minute
03. Keepsake
04. Four Way Stop
05. Upside Down
06. Fill In The Blanks
07. Grain Of Salt
08. Road Map
09. Reaction
10. Last Chance Motel
11. Beg To Differ
12. Go Fish (Plus Hidden Track)

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -

Freestyle were a skatepunk band from Ontario, Canada. They released two albums; 'Driven By Hunger (1998)' and 'A Sweeter Touch Than Your Proctologist (1999)', and one EP; 'Help Is On The Way EP (2000)' . When the guitarrist left the band, they changed the name to Setback.
After releasing the album 'Anything That Hinders Progress (2000)' , the band quit. The singer went on to this band from 2007-2011: Get Soldiers. Not skatepunk, but you will like them if you like At The Drive-In.

- Sample song: Keepsake -