Freestyle - Help Is On The Way EP (2000)

01. Lost Words
02. Last Chance Motel
03. My Girlfriend Dumped Mme Cause I Suck
04. No Harm Done
05 Look On The Bright Side

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -

Freestyle were a skatepunk band from Ontario, Canada. They released two albums; 'Driven By Hunger (1998)' and 'A Sweeter Touch Than Your Proctologist (1999)', and one EP; 'Help Is On The Way EP (2000)' . When the guitarrist left the band, they changed the name to Setback.
After releasing the album 'Anything That Hinders Progress (2000)' , the band quit. The singer went on to this band from 2007-2011: Get Soldiers. Not skatepunk, but you will like them if you like At The Drive-In.

- Sample song: Lost Words -