Flatout Jones - Closed Doors And Weird Situations (2010)

01. Ordinary
02. Welcome Home
03. Unleash The Orks
04. The Neighborhood Assholes
05. Trash Day
06 Whale Bomb
07. Hit On Me
08. Closed Captioning
09. Shitty People in a Shitty Town
10. Your Wife Has Custody
11. A New Purpose
12. Bad Habits and Bloodshot Eyes
13. Shattered Bones and Broken Seams
14. Party Time
15. Pretend

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Flatout Jones is a Massachusetts based punk rock/ Alternative band. Started in 2008 by Trevor(The Avenjers) and Anthony(The Avenjers). After a few lineup changes, James (P.O.A.) joined up and things started rolling. After self releasing two EP's ("Self Medication" and "The Neighborhood Assholes"). They recently released their debut full length album "Closed Doors and Wierd Situations" with Grammy nominated producer/engineer George Dussault of Galilee Productions. Flatout Jones has been playing shows nonstop in the last year all around the New England Area, and are planning an up coming east coast tour in support of the record.You can find their Album at Newburys Comics locations, Independent Record Stores and at Interpunk.com, Smartpunk.com, or on Itunes, Last FM, Lime wire and all sites like that.
Flatout plays any show whether its basements, backyards, living rooms or porches. we'll play most of the New England Area. Flatout Jones is currently writing/ recording the highly anticipated follow up to Closed Doors and Weird situations titled "Never There, Never Back Again" which should be out late winter or early spring!!

- Sample song: Whale Bomb -