Spot - Punkture (2012)

01. Calm Before The Storm
02. Noah's Ark
03. Last Sail Of Eldridge
04. An Abstract Example
05. Band Of One
06. Nine Lives
07. Hell's on Earth, It's Called Slaughterhouse

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Spot is a punk rock band from Bulgaria that exists for 15 years now. It’s formed by four individuals that share their passion for sincere, intelligent and passionate music. These four guys believe that ideas of world peace, one humanity the right of every living creature to exist freely and independently can be expressed trough great power of music. With a demo, two albums an EP and lots of compilations
Spot is well recognized throughout Bulgarian punk scene and gained reputation for one of the most energetic and influential live acts. Also they played in Romania, Austria, Germany, France and Belgium sharing their love for music and making contribution to the punk movement in Europe. By making songs about global environmental issues, human and animal rights, government policy, conspiracy agenda, the band wants to take part in spiritual and mental awakening of the human race and work for the benefit of our planet.

- Sample song: Noah's Ark -