Silverstein - Short Songs (2012)

01. Sick As Your Secrets
02. Sin & Redemption
03. SOS
04. Brookfield
05. La Marseillaise
06. World On Fire
07. Sleep Around
08. My Miserable Life
09. Truth & Temptation
10. One Last Dance
11. See Ya Bill
12. Short Songs (Originally by Dead Kennedys)
13. 236 E. Broadway (Originally by Gob)
14. Good Intentions (Originally by Gorilla Biscuits)
15. Destination: Blood! (Originally by Orchid)
16. Coffee Mug (Originally by Descendents)
17. xOn Our Kneesx (Originally by The Swarm) featuring Liam Cormier
18. Scenes From Parisian Life (Originally by The Promise Ring)
19. It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite (Originally by NOFX)
20. Quit Your Job (Originally by Chixdiggit)
21. The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink (Originally by Green Day)
22. You Gotta Stay Positive (Originally by Good Clean Fun)

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Short Songs is the sixth studio album by the Canadian post-hardcore band
Silverstein. Unlike the band's previous fifth studio albums, the album has an untraditional number of 22 songs, though as the album title suggests, all songs are short and under 90 seconds. Only 11 of the songs are original songs, while the other 11 are covers of songs by notable punk and hardcore bands that influenced Silverstein, such as Green Day, Dead Kennedys, Gorilla Biscuits and NOFX. It is the band's second release on Hopeless Records and like their last album, was also produced by Jordan Valeriote.

- Sample song: Sin & Redemption -