[NEWS] New 'Contrabandit' song

Contrabandit is a Canadian band that existed between 2005 and 2010. After breaking up, they had some shitty feelings about not recording their final work as a band. When they managed to bring one of the musicians home from the great north, and subsequently Europe, they decided to record one last EP 'Greatest Hits, vol. 3'

This project was the culmination of 2 years of song writing and working the songs in front of audiences in Canada. They wrote, and re-wrote until they had exactly what we wanted. And now, they're super proud to give you the first song on their new album. Unglued was selected not because it's the best song on the album, or the catchiest, or the most technical, nor the fastest, nor the heaviest...but it's what they consider middle ground. It's the hub that each other song spokes out from. They get heavier (Check Out the Checkout), they get more technical (It's Complicated), they get catchier (Wait On), they get faster (Isolation Pay), and they get better (The Debts).