Misplace - ¿A Quien Engañaras Cuando Hayamos Muerto? EP (2012)

01. Hundido En La Indiferencia
02. Crecimiento Irracional
03. Recuerda
04. Al Margen
05. El Camino Fácil

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- melodic hardcore punk -
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Misplace is a band from Burgos (Spain) that became a reality when Miguel and Alex decided to meet to play the music that they like. The band close lines with Alvar, de Lagos and Monje.
They have released a demo tape, and then played across the country with national and international bands; then, recorded their debut full lenght album, becaming part of the labels Fragment records in Spain and HSF records in Japan.

You can buy this album for only 1€.

- Sample song: Al Margen -