'Army Of Moliere' 2007 demo

Army Of Moliere was a skatepunk-metal project based band and happened some years ago in Calgary, AB, June - October of 2007. The entire and truthful idea was to capture the aggression and melody At The Gates and Dissection threw down, but bleed into it with the beauty and depth of Face to Face's - Don't Turn Away. As far as Band Bio here's the deal: Brian Gillingham, Guitarist in Nusquam Esse; Eliane Gazzard, Rocker on bass/keys; Kody Warriner , Guitarist/MecE.

If you like fast skatepunk and metal music, you'll love this demo. No vocals, just music.
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If you want to contact a band member, you can use the forum post where the demo was posted.

- Sample song: Breathing Exercise -