One Car Pile-Up - Worst Episode Ever (2003)

01. End Of The World TV Show
02. Call To Arms
03. Goodbye On Friday
04. Killian Is Lying
05. Pigs In Space
06. Monster Trucks
07. Pink Paint
08. Torn
09. Burton's Wagon Wheels
10. 3 Wishes
11. I'm A Spaz I'm Sorry
12. Money Man
13. Seize The Day
14. Dr. Robotnik
15. Nothing This Time
16. Something To Hyde
17. South Of Ice Blue Sea
18. Three Cheers For Liberty (Hip, Hip, Fuck Off)

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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One Car Pile-Up is a United Kingdom melodic punk band which formed in the Scunthorpe area in 1996.
Chris Lonsdale was the bassist in local band Gan at the time, and approached Wes Wasley to form a new band. They wrote songs at Wes’ house while thinking about other people to complete the line-up. Chris brought along Dave Clarke who was the singer in Gan and so the search was on for a drummer.
After trying a couple of local people it was obvious they needed someone who could play fast, and Wes suggested Robin ‘Towie’ Tow who used to play in Mental Seizure with him, knowing they shared similar tastes in music and was a reliable musician. They played their first gig at The Barge in Grimsby with Chopper and Gan (their final gig) as Red 5, but after realising another band had the name they drew up a short-list of other names. Among them was Billion Dollar Brian, Scheider, and many equally bad puns.
Drawing influences/stealing from bands such as Bad Religion, NOFX, & Propagandhi they toured the country gaining friends and fans. After spending an eternity recording their debut album in their home studio 'Worst Episode Ever' was eventually released in 2003.
The band is currently working on a new album, with a likely release date of 2010.

- Sample song: Killian Is Lying -