[NEWS] Two new Jet Market songs

Jet Market are a fast melodic punk / hardcore quartet from Italy, who since forming in 1998 have released 2 EPs, 3 full length albums and most recently an international 3 way split CD with Burning Fiction and Part Time Killer . Their strong DIY ethic and socio-political lyrics which deal with such topics as war, religion, animal rights, the environment, the music industry and more draw influences from bands like Strike Anywhere and Propagandhi.

With the release of their latest album "Sparks Against Darkness", Jet Market continue their relentless touring schedule that has already covered Europe, Russia and Japan. "Sparks Against Darkness" will be released this october. Meanwhile, you can listen two new songs below, Sparks Against Darkness and 15 Hundred Miles For A 15 People Show.

- Sparks Against Darkness -

- 15 Hundred Miles For A 15 People Show -

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