3daybinge - 3daybinge (2003)

01. Call To Arms
02. Better Way
03. Summit Up
04. Gun
05. Strength Survives
06. The Sweet Smell Of Defeat
07. Inside Out
08. Givin In
09. Howard
10. Recycled Words

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3daybinge is a punk rock band that play songs about social and political issues. well ok, once in a while a love song may pop out; but that's human nature. They formed in Winnipeg, MB by all original members in 1999. In 2000, they self-recorded an 11-song demo of which they sell at live shows only. In 2003, they released there first full-length CD on their own "label" arsenall666 records. They've toured Canada several times from 2003-2005 supporting the self-titled release.
3daybinge can be comparable to such greats as Bad Religion, snfu, lagwagon, strung out, and good riddance, but decide for yourself. these guys would probably refuse such comparisons.

- Sample song: Inside Out -