VA - Forgotten Songs From The 90's - Part 2 (2011)

Against Time - I Ask Myself (From 1999 album "And Not For Anyone...")
Brain Püker - Uncut Grass (From 1997 split with Nut For Sale)
Donuts N' Glory - Bitches Ain't Ho's (From 1996 album "When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth...")
Five Knuckle Chuckle - Granola Boy (From 1997 album "All Hammed Up!")
Gimp - TV Rapist (From 1999 album "Lost Aspiration")
Loose End - Roman's Road (From 2001 album "Every Time I Fall")
Nemless - Rising Sun (From 1998 album "Buy Drink, Gerb Beer")
Pigsty - I Won't Give Up (From 1999 album "So What's Next")
Sagoh Twentyfourseven - Missionary Song (From 1999 album "Sagoh Twentyfourseven")
Second-Chance - Four Months (From 1999 album "When It Rains It Pours")
Skin Of Tears - Suicidal Thoughts (From 1995 album "Shit Happens")
Superdong - Don Lombardo (From 1995 compilation "Salmons Of Hort")
Tripwire - Downfall (From 1997 compilation "First Trip To Punkland")

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Here is the first part of a compilation done by Alessandro for the skatepunkers forum. Here's what he said:
OK, so this compilation was done by me yesterday, the first part of a 26 songs compilation. I've tried to select random songs I really like from bands from the 90's that not too many people know or care about anymore. Why? Because it's always nice to listen to compilations with unknown bands that could make you discover your new favorite band. I've tried to mix all the subgenres of skatepunk (christian, swedish, 90's european sound, etc) so there will be songs for all tastes. All the songs are in VBR-0, the best quality I could provide you, as always. Hope you guys like some of the songs you didn't know before; I find them all pretty good. There's no order for the tracks, so they are alphabetically. Any feedback is appreciated.

Download Part 1 from here

- Sample song: Nemless - Rising Sun -