Nanas Revenge - Man Down (2008)

01. A Foot In The Door
02. We Can Change It
03. Major Tom
04. Rigor Mortis
05. Home And Away
06. I Never Knew
07. Another Way
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- melodic hardcore -
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Recently signed, the hard hitting live performance of the 4 piece band Nanas Revenge continues to make a defined impact on many different audiences around the UK. The music being influenced by bands such as NOFX, RX Bandits, Thrice, Strung Out, and Propagandhi give Nanas Revenge the diversity to create original and powerful songs, rich with the elements of several other music genres. A long list of previous and future gigs has given Nanas Revenge a well of experience to draw their live performance from. All these elements have contributed to an overwhelming music ethos which is demonstrated time and time again on stage and in the studio. Being independent hasn't held Nanas Revenge back although the correct help in gaining exposure would easily allow Nanas Revenge to dent today's music industry.

- Sample song: A Foot In The Door -