No Trigger

No Trigger - Extinction In Stereo (2005)
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No Trigger - Canyoneer (2006)
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No Trigger - Be Honest EP (2010)
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No Trigger is a melodic punk/hardcore band from Massachusetts, United States. The band formed in 2000, with a sound which takes cues from like-minded outfits such as Strike Anywhere and None More Black. The band self-released two demos, one of them a split with Wasteland.
In late 2004, the band compiled these recordings and remastered the sound for their debut release, Extinction in Stereo, released on independent record label Bigmouth Japan. Extinction received a significant amount of attention and praise from the punk rock press.
In 2005, No Trigger signed to independent record label Nitro Records, and their debut full-length, entitled Canyoneer, was released on March 21, 2006.

- Sample song: You Said It -