Useless ID - The Lost Broken Tunes Vol. 1 (2011)

01. What Are The Odds?
02. Dissolve
03. Fading Out
04. X On Revolution
05. My Alter Ego
06. Snow Time
07. Unpopular Again
08. Blood Pressure (Live)
09. Jukebox 86 (Live)
10. Shallow End (Live)
11. Yesterday Tears
12. Taking Us Too Long
13. Pink Stars And Magazines (Live)

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- melodic hardcore/punkpop -
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Useless ID was formed 10 years ago in Haifa, Israel, and they played their first show in a small town near Tel Aviv in january,1995. Their first 7' record "room of anger" was released in 96', and they got on a plane over to California to play a show in Gilman Street.
Somehow they ended up playing over 50 shows all over the west coast and since then they've been busy with touring, recording, putting out records and offcourse, drinking.

Their earliest records are 100% awesome fast melodic hardcore. If you are looking for speed download Dead's Not Punk (1997) or Get In The Pita Bread Pit (1999).

Download Vol 2 from here.

- Sample song: Dissolve -