VA - Why Naked Cant Does A Compilation? Vol.II (2008)

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01-Dumprilonger-Judgedment Day-"Judgement Day-s As long as there is a Lifetime..."-2007
02-Foolproof-Sweet Chiva-"EGO"-2000
03-Counteract-Tearing Me Apart-"Promo"-2005
04-Running Late-Peroxide-"Demo"-2006
05-Scarecrow-Castle Of Air-"Kabuki Nights"-2006
06-Thoughtless Action-A Step Outside The Truth-"Demo"-2005
07-More Hurt That Needed-beyond Hope-"What Seemed Like Forever"-2003
08-Fat Kid Running-What It Feels Like-"Fat Kid Running"-2003
09-Off The Mark-Unite-"Learning The Hard Way"-2000
10-Mute-Coming Back-"Demo"-2007
11-Guff-No Gods, No Masters-"Symphony Of Voices"-2007
12-Buzztone-Weapons-"Last Place In The Rat Race EP"-2006
13-SFP-human Comedy-"Down to memory lane"-2005
15-Breakneck-Voice Of The Airwaves-"And There Was Another Illusion"-2006
16-Freakends-Emotion R.I.P-"Fall From Life"-2003
17-Fat Prezident-Will you Show me the Sun when I grow old-"Demo"-2006

My Second personal compilation..i hope that like you (again)....
Enjoy the music that fill my heart! =D