Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Explicit Language - Spectrum

"This one goes out
to all of you fucking kids,
born in the 80's,
who played Nintendo videogames
listening to Punk In Drublic.

Out of my head
when I got my first Sinclair,
my first spectrum,
no fucking emails,
no fucking iPods
just Reebok the pump,
walkmans and flat skateboards.

Now we cannot slow down,
now that we have
something to say,
to all of you fucking kids,
born in the 80's,
Addicted to Baywatch and The A-team,

those who used to take care of each other.
when we were in the crowd,
we were always in the first row,
elbows under control.
Now we watch the show with our girlfriends
at the end of the club just shaking our heads.

We can’t slow down,
now we have to take care of the next generation.

We can’t slow down,
because all the songs we wrote,
because all the things we’ve done,
it’s because of you"
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