Bad Religion full set @ Sziget Festival 2017

US punk rock classics Bad Religion performing at Sziget Festival. Full show, more than 50min of performance.

00:00 Do What You Want
01:43 Atomic Garden
04:23 Let Them Eat War
07:55 Stranger Than Fiction
10:30 Along The Way
12:09 I Want To Conquer The World
15:20 Suffer
17:10 No Control
19:05 Against The Grain
22:16 F*ck You
24:45 Streets Of America
28:24 Modern Man
31:17 Come Join Us
33:32 Anesthesia
36:55 Los Angeles Is Burning
40:20 21st Century (Digital Boy)
43:14 Generator
46:50 Sorrow
50:07 You
52:25 Punk Rock Song
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