Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mark Hoppus states that the new album contains "super-fast late-Nineties-punk-rock-sounding songs"

According to a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Mark Hoopus states that the new blink-182, album "goes in a lot of different directions" but "we have super-fast late-Nineties-punk-rock-sounding songs".

"It goes in a lot of different directions," says Hoppus. "We have some songs that sound like Blink-182 from 1999. ... We have some songs that are like nothing we have ever done before. We have a ballad called 'Home Is Such a Lonely Place' that has clean arpeggiated finger-picking guitars with strings underneath it. We have super-fast late-Nineties-punk-rock-sounding songs. ... We tried to capture the energy and not worry so much about all the knobs."

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