Brutal Youth - Stay Honest (2013)


01. 53°
02. Boul. Saint-Laurent
03. NL Time
04. Hunting Wabbits
05. 1Lb./Yr.
06. Best Policy
07. Albatross
08. John Hughes Proverbs
09. Orca6050
10. Millenium Falcon
11. Trim the Fat
12. For Pete
13. XPiss&WineX
14. Dwight
15. Embitterment
16. Play Dead
17. Shortcut pt 2
18. Theory of Relativity
Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 45 MB
Release date: 2 April 2013
Genre: Melodic hc punk
Quality: VBR
Label: Get Party Records
Country: USA

'Stay Honest' features Brutal Youth at the top of their game. 18 songs showcasing the perfect blend of fast hardcore and pop-punk with melodies and harmonies to pick yourself up and singalong. And all clocking in at 22 minutes.

- Sample song: NL Time -

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