Friday, April 13, 2012

Sit On It - We Used To Be Progressive ... We've Never Been Civilized (2012)

01. Patience Is Highly Overrated
02. We Used To Be Progressive
03. Goodnight
04. It's Not A Marathon
05. Matters
06. Treasure In The Lost And Found
07. Thanking Deities
08. This Just Got Uncomfortable
09. The Time That You Take
10. Obscene
11. I've Never Been To Norway
12. Clarity
13. We've Never Been Civilized
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Sit On It is a one-man skatepunk project from Florida, USA. The sound is reminiscent of mid 90's skate-punk / pop-punk; Fast, melodic, and generally awesome.

- Sample song: We Used To Be Progressive -
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