Monday, May 9, 2011

New skatepunkers forum!

Here's finally the new skatepunkers forum!
The difference between the old and new forum is that this new one is not a pre-made one and it's 100% of my own, so I can add everything I want. And the most important thing, the forum is OPEN to everyone. This means you don't need to be registered to read post, but you need to be registered to reply or create topics.
If you were on the old forum, you need to register again!

No worries where are you from, the default language is english, but you can change to the following ones on your User Control Panel:

I suggest you to read this post after registering. The forum is really useful and funny and I'm pretty sure you can meet awesome people!

- If you are, for example, a CD collector check THIS thread
- If you have a band, and you want to make a tour, check THIS thread
- Do you want to know what happened with the band Sicktrick?

So everyone is invited to join the new forum!

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