Dennis Jagard (Ten Foot Pole) stream new song "California Feels Like Home"

Dennis Jagard of Ten Foot Pole is streaming a new song titled "California Feels Like Home" off his forthcoming split with Sef Idle, Rob Lanternman, and Russ Worstell.

Jagard says:
"I moved out of California 13 years ago and didn’t think I would be sentimental about it, but I can’t deny the odd feeling of comfort when I’m crossing the mountains into familiar regions. I guess it’s not the place or even the people that are there now, but the memories of people, places and events that impacted my upbringing, my origin story."

Tracklist of the split:
01. Dennis Jagard - Alone Again
02. Dennis Jagard - California Feels Like Home
03. Dennis Jagard - Love the Way You Lie Pt. 3
04. Sef Idle - Blindsided
05. Sef Idle - Bellflower
06. Sef Idle - When the Ship Comes In
07. Rob Lanterman - Anywhere But Here
08. Rob Lanterman - Peaches by the Presidents of the United States of America
09. Rob Lanterman - Thank You
10. Russ Worstell - Fade Into Nothing
11. Russ Worstell - Take Your Time
12. Russ Worstell - Overkill