Tripdash stream 2020 edition for "I'm Not The Artist"

Tripdash was a fast, technical melodic hardcore band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. The band is streaming a re-release of their album "I'm Not The Artist".

The "I'm Not the Artist" EP was originally released by the independent label PassTotheLeft Records in March 2007. It sold around 700 copies worldwide (UK, Europe, US, Canada, Japan) and was downloaded countless times from informal streaming services such as Skatepunkers (naughty!).

The 2020 Edition -- available digitally and limited to 50 physical copies -- features the original EP in its entirety, along with subsequent recordings made by the band prior to their break-up in 2009, which, aside from Myspace (what's that?) and about 30 homemade CDs circa 2008, are yet to receive a formal release of any sort (who gives a fuck?).

All profits generated from digital and physical sales will be donated to Stay Brave, a charitable organisation which helps survivors of rape, abuse and intimate violation find "the help they need and the respect they deserve". For more info see: