Hatrick - The Place You Call Home (1999)

Hatrick was a skate punk band from Jacksonville, Florida formed in 1997.

At the beginning the members were Jordan McDowell, Randy Karriker, Jeremy Baker and Brad Moxey. With this lineup the band recorded a few demo tapes and a demo CD. In 1998 another member join the band, he's called Mason Romaine.
He comes as a second guitar player what lead Jordan McDowell to concentrate only on vocals. With this lineup the band record its firs album, "The Place You Call Home" that you can listen below, released by the label Takeover Records. Soon after the release of the album, Randy leaves the band. But, soon after, the local punk band Inspection 12 break up (temporarily) and Hatrick members were friend with Inspection 12's drummer Scott Shad, so they invited him to join the band but as the guitar player. Soon after Hatrick lose a big piece, his drummer Brad Moxey due to musical differences.
That's when Hatrick acquire J.P Pietro to replace Brad on drums. Everything is going fine for Hatrick until 2001, when Scott Shad tragically die in a car accident. The band don't give up and in 2001 they record a 5-song mini-album entitled Don't Worry About It. The album will be released in 2002, right after another member have joined the formation, Joey Ball. In 2005 the band record a 3-song Promo, but it was almost over for Hatrick, soon after the band broke up. 2 members of Hatrick (Jeremy Baker and Jordan McDowell) started Whaleface, another skatepunk band that gained pretty much success.