Travis Barker to release a solo album

According to a recent interview with MusicRadar, Travis Barker, the drummer of the well-known punk pop act blink-182 is going to release a solo album.

A lot of people go, "Oh, Travis Barker has a solo album, I hope he’s doing drum solos everywhere." Well, unfortunately not every song requires a drum solo. Even with Blink it’s weird if I’m going crazy in every song. There comes a time with musicianship that you have to do what the song is asking for. […]

I am 70 percent done with my new solo album. The next part, the most important piece, is for me to go play drums on it now. We’ve got the programming, I’ve made all of the beats, the second step was to get all of the artists and find out which artists sound great on which beats. The third step is me playing drums on it, mixing it and then putting it out.

You can read the entire interview right here.