Lagwagon - One More Song

Lagwagon - "One More Song", a song about Tony Sly.

It's been awhile,
But somewhere in each day I recall
That crooked smile,
Last few years to calculate
All the ways I could have changed your fate
And my role forever know the toll of still blood

One more song
One more visit to the cell where I belong
A hundred stories hanging on
Fifteen songs that hanging from each line

I recall the last song
And I can't handle Brooklyn anymore
But always long for one more sunrise

Knowing you are safe at home
I picture life but then the vision jumps away
Like the touch of death could see my name
My cell, forever know the devil in details

A wrinkled page, scribbled word
A melody gone will never be heard
This one's writing itself
God help, what god?
One song, my aeroplane
Forever over the sea


I can't write this sad song long,
And they won't share the first line anymore
But always long for one more song
Tony, we'll always long for one more song
Always long for one more