"July 31st" the song about Tony Sly by Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity released four years ago the song "July 31st" which is about Tony Sly. The song is taken from the EP "Colors In The Atmosphere".

Those good old times they feel so far away
Friendship was more constant and so true, at least to me
But the records that you wrote, and I would play
Prepared me for the world I’d grow into

It rang through my ears everyday – the lyrics and the melody
A message that went far beyond a trend
You never thought that you could be a savior but you got to me
Without coming too close you were a friend

I’ve never seen this scene so unified
Than the day that August news spread like a fire
Now every song is more than dumb reminders
Of the way your lyrics knew how to inspire

That day was absolutely gray
The saddest song could not take off the edge
You played the music that you love, and we will follow suit
We grew up with your notes inside our head

(We all) owe a piece of punk rock to you
(and all that we can do is keep it fast)
(all that) we can do is keep it fast
Your melody is part of who we are
A generation has you in their heart