John Feldmann talks about Goldfinger

On a recent interview with Punknews, US classic ska punk rockers Goldfinger frontman John Feldmann has talked about their new album "The Knife" and his relationship with the old Goldfinger members, among other things.

Q: Should we expect the same old Goldfinger, or is this a really different record?
A: The album is absolutely that. I play guitar on a lot of it, Mike Herrera played a lot of bass, and Phil played some of the guitars. We made, it’s like a competitive Goldfinger record, in my opinion. It’s just subjective since I’m so close to the to the project. But, that being said, I keep going back to “Put the Knife Away,” I’m really happy with the way it sounds and feel like lyrically it’s very in line with where I am in my life.

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