Ten Foot Pole stream new song "I Don't Want To Go"

US classic melodic punk rockers Ten Foot Pole have released a new song titled "I Don't Want To Go",  taken from their upcoming new album "Setlist" which will be out on May 26th through Cyber Tracks Records.

Dennis Jagard states:

"The lyric idea for ‘I Don’t Want to Go’ struck during one of the frequent, for me, moments when saying goodbye to my wife and two boys, as I prepared to leave on a multi-month tour. I knew that especially the kids would be substantially older, and different, the next time we would be together. For a while I was excited and happy about writing a fun, melodic song, particularly when my 4th grader sang it before school with a big smile on his face. Later the implications of the lyrics took on more weight, as my Mom asked me to sing and play while I was visiting during her chemotherapy sessions, and partway through the song it dawned on me that the lyric could be universal, powerful and urgent."

Listen to the song