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Hi-Standard release video for "You Can't Hurry Love"
Strike Anywhere announce European Tour 2017
Before Me stream new EP "Preface"
The Flatliners sign to Rise Records, announce 2017 release
No Matter stream new album "Ill Advised"
Guttermouth stream new EP "New Car Smell"
Why the original drummer of blink-182, Scott Raynor, left the band?
Don't Call Me White
Camp High Gain stream new EP "On The Word Of No One"
Useless ID release video for "Without A Choice"
Make Tom Delonge's Quote Back Again
F.O.D. announce album release skate punk festival "FOD Fest"
Guttermouth stream new song "The Human Mulligan"
Forus release guitar playthrough for "If All Else Fails"
 Hi-Standard stream new song "You Can't Hurry Love" (The Supremes Cover)
Skatepunkers Exclusive: SHAMES (japanese skate punk) stream new song "Sick Is Not Mine"
Our Darkest Days stream new album "A Common Agony"
Bitter Grounds stream new song "Life Of Violence"
Hi-Standard announce new EP "Vintage & New, Gift Shits"
Brutal Youth release video for "Hostile Work Environment"
Camp High Gain release video for "Reset"
Pulley stream new album "No Change In The Weather"
Descendents release video for "On Paper"
SHAMES, stream new song "Careless", stream discography on Bandcamp
9 years of Skatepunkers
Older stream new album "Estallando Furia"
Colorsfade stream new EP "Scream In Silence"
Super resistant "Flight" Decks by Powell-Peralta
Neutral, skate punk from Japan
Strung Out - Twisted By Design (1998)
Edward In Venice release video for "Home Is Where The Heart Lives"
The Friday Prophets covers Bad Religion's "Yesterday" and Randy's "Proletarian Hop"
The Decline stream new song "Can’t Have Both"
Pulley stream new song "Different"
Out Darkest Days stream new song "Time Has Come"  fearturing Denis Buckley from 88 Fingers Louie
MxPx release lyric video for new song "They"
Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) covers Norman Blake's "Lincoln's Funeral Train"
Topsy Turvy's release video for "Escape"
Pennywise stream "Nineteen Eighty Eight" compilation
Höney release video for "Wasted Miles"
F.O.D. stream new song "American"
Colorsfade stream new song "Frozen In Time"
MUTE live at ARC Studios, Amsterdam 05-11-2016
Lapso de Insanidade release video for new song "Morte Por Afogamento No Rio Da Ambição"
Propagandhi play two new songs live "Failed Imagineer" and "C#"
The Fullblast detail new EP, to release "Contagious Movement Theory and Short Controlled Bursts" on vinyl
The Offspring to enter studio soon to release new album in 2017
Guttermouth stream new song "Mail Order Bride"
Descendents to release their own beer "Feel This"