Pennywise and blink-182: GoodTimes Tour 95-96

The GoodTimes Tour was a concert tour by American punk rock bands in support of GoodTimes, a surf video directed by Taylor Steele. The tour features bands from the video's soundtrack, including Pennywise, blink-182, Pivit, Unwritten Law, 7 Seconds and Sprung Monkey.

GoodTimes (1995) is a surf video directed by Taylor Steele, who also desired to put together a national tour featuring bands from the tape's soundtrack. The tour began in Southern California and headed across the southwest, into the southern states (including Florida) and up the Eastern Seaboard, ending in New Jersey. The tour extended in Australia in December 1995.

blink-182 were initially unable to go, as they had little money and plane tickets were prohibitively expensive; the members of Pennywise helped out and bought the band's plane tickets. In early 1996, the bands performed in Alaska, and headed back out on tour in February 1996, playing two final weeks with the GoodTimes tour on the West Coast.

blink-182 drummer Scott Raynor recalled the tour fondly in 2010: "Honestly, the shows went well. We always got a good reaction, and the next time we came around we had more fans and better floors to sleep on — some with carpet!" Hoppus' sister, Anne, made T-shirts and described the tour: "Any money made goes back into the gas fund. You only have five dollars and it has to feed you all day. You eat nothing but crappy fast food, or on a good night, Denny's."I had to wear earplugs while I slept to keep the cockroaches out of my ears, sometimes I had to wear earplugs so I could sleep while people came and went buying drugs," remembered Raynor.

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