Jim Lindberg talks about the new Pennywise album

Jim Lindberg, singer of the US punk rock classics Pennywise have revealed on a recent interview with Communities Digital News some details of their new album.

How far along are you guys on the new Pennywise?

Not very far! It’s been a point of contention. I really, really have been pressing that we really gotta get into the studio and it’s kind of been doing chores and then people have to get back to their families and things like that. It just kind of keeps getting put off, but I know everyone has a batch of songs. I’ve got ideas for songs and I know Fletcher was playing some stuff the other day that sounded cool, but we just have to get in there and do it, that desire to play has to be there from everyone involved, and that’s why I’m doing so much Wraths stuff because if Pennywise isn’t gonna practice and get in the studio and write songs, then I’m not gonna sit around twiddling my thumbs.
I’m ready and willing to get into the studio and that’s what everyone says, but they don’t seem to be doing it, so I just said, “Okay, well, you let me know when you’re ready.” I hate to sound pathetic, but if anybody’s been in a band as long as I have been, then they’d understand that the politics of getting into the studio shouldn’t be that difficult, but sometimes they are.

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