Skatepunkers Exclusive: Comminor release DVD 'Do It Live'

Comminor is a female fronted punk rock band from Västerås, Sweden that has been playing together since August 2010. The music and the band’s live performances are filled with a weird and contagious energy that often seems to rub off on people and tends to create an exciting atmosphere to be in.

Comminor are strong believers in what they do and the band has a strong conviction to never let anyone else decide how they should be or what kind of music they should write and play.

In the last nine months the band has been busy to say the least. Comminor has been touring the world playing shows and festivals in Croatia, China, USA, Germany and Sweden. The band also had time to release their debut album Let’s Call It ART on February 5th, 2016 and are now set for new adventures.

The DVD was filmed at Bankiren in Västerås 2016-02-26 during a release tour with shows in Germany and Sweden to celebrate the new Comminor record Let's Call It ART.

Click here to watch the DVD