Jay Bentley (Bad Religion) talks about the 25th anniversary of 'Against The Grain'

Bad Religion's bassist Jay Bentley have revealed in a recent interview with Yahoo! some personal thoughts about the 25th anniversary of the album 'Against The Grain'
"We were literally doing a new album a year back then. When Suffer turned 25 in 2013, I thought, “Man, that’s amazing.’ Then No Control turned 25 and we didn’t even talk about it. I thought that was kind of sad. And now, Against the Grain’s going to be 25. It’s kind of weird."

“Everybody has their own idea of what was the most important album. I think Suffer, No Control, and Against the Grain all seem to be sort of this package deal for a lot of people. Those three records came out within three years and I think they illustrated who we were and what we were doing as a band. Against the Grain turning 25 is sort of an indication of the end of that era".

'Against The Grain' was released November 23, 1990 shortly after the conclusion of the 'No Control' tour which had lasted until the middle of 1990. The album was highly anticipated by both music critics and fans as a result of the band's success with their 1988 post-reunion album 'Suffer' and its 1989 follow-up 'No Control'. While 'Against The Grain' still failed to break Bad Religion into mainstream audiences, it was the first 100,000 seller, and showed how quickly they were growing.