Propagandhi - How To Clean Everything (Remastered) (2013)

01. Anti-Manifesto
02. Head? Cheese? Or Foot?
03. Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette
04. Showdown (G.E.P.)
05. Ska Sucks
06. Middle Finger Response
07. Stick the Fucking Flag up Your Goddamn Ass, You Sonofabitch
08. Haille Sellasse, Up Your Ass
09. Fuck Machine
10. This Might Be Satire
11. Who Will Help Me Back This Bread?
12. Pigs Will Pay
13. Homophobes Are Just Pissed 'Cause They Can't Get Laid
14. Leg-Hold Trap
15. I Want U 2 Vant Me
16. Middle Finger Response (Demo Version)
17. Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette (Demo Version)[Demo Version]
18. This Might Be Satire (Demo Version)
19. Fuck Machine (Demo Version)

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 96 MB
Release date: 20 August 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: VBR
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Country: Canada
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Propagandhi's 'How To Clean Everything' reissue, which includes the full album remastered, the 3 outtakes that Fat Mike cut from the record, and a super rare 4-song HTCE demo. If you buy the package, includes an exclusive Tab Book for the entire album, with both guitar and bass transcribed by Chris himself. The book will be available bundled with the reissue.

- Sample song: Anti-Manifesto -