Implants talk about recording a new album, discuss lyrics, etc.

Implants is a five-piece melodic punk rock supergroup formed in 2011 which features members of SoCal punk mainstays Strung Out, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole and The Tank. The band is planning to record a new album as you can read on a recent interview with our pals of Big Bombo Punk.

From what I have understood The Implant doesn’t want to be a temporary project but something enduring in time. Do you have the intention to record more albums? Considering the many obligations that you have, how do you intend to combine Implants with your other bands?

We absolutely plan on keeping this train rolling. We’re not stopping for no one. Although we all have other bands, this band has a different feel and we don’t necessarily have a set sound. We have the freedom to sound any way we want and that sometimes is a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, we all love our other bands and will continue to rock out with them, but this is something special (at least for us). Plus, we have really good chemistry. That’s a hard thing to find these days. So expect some more albums from us in the future. We’re already working on some new material that we’re excited for people to hear.

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