F.O.D. - Ontario (2013)

01. Racket Rating
02. 20 Second Song
03. Passing Teralfene
04. 36
05. Heroes
06. Joke
07. Like Them
08. Ontario
09. Counting Numbers
10. Frenzal Records
11. Song For Baby, Hoping To Get Laid
12. Because You're The Only One I Love So Dearly
13. Carry On
14. Wasted
15. Starchild (For Wout)
16. Decade

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 63 MB
Release date: 11 February 2013
Genre: Punk rock / melodic hardcore
Quality: VBR
Label: Thanks But Not Thanks Records
Country: Belgium
Website: http://www.fodmusic.be
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fodbook
Bandcamp: http://fodmusic.bandcamp.com
Buy CD: http://www.thanksbutnothanksrecords.com/store/tbnt/product-483/FOD-Ontario

F.O.D. is a four piece Belgian punkrock band. The band is notorious for its catchy vocal harmonies and short melodic songs, all wrapped in their own authentic sound.

- Sample song: Like Them -