Drummer covers 66 NOFX song in about 25 minutes

Who remembers Pipis? That drummer from the greece punk rock band FlipStar that recorded a video of himself playing 43 Pennywise songs in 16 minutes? Well, now's the time for NOFX. He has recorded 66 songs in about 25 minutes. Watch the video below.

Click here to watch the video

Song list:
The decline,i'm telling tim,can't get the sting out ,what's the matter with parents today,dinosaurs will die,sticking in my eye,take two placebos and call me lame,total bummer,don't call me white,fun things to fuck,golden boys,lineleum,the quitter,the cause,lori meyers,dig,eat the meek,dying degree,one million coasters ,i'm an alcoholic,the decline,60%,seeing double at the tripple rock,reeko,falling in love,green corn,herojuana,pump up the valium,kill the rockstars,the moron brothers,bob,it's my job to keep PR elite,zyclone B Bathouse,stranger than fishin',pharmacist's daughter,the plan,the man i killed,everything in moderation,the quass,the decline,my orphan year,juice head ,release the hostages,eddie bruce and paul,we called it america,kids of the k-hole,the desperation gone,hobophobic,wolves in wolve's clothing,thank god it's monday,bleeding heard disease,liza,drugs are good,we threw gasoline on the fire a.n.w.h.s.f.a.a.n.e!,we march to the beat of a different drum,the decline,she didn't loose her baby,lower,usa-holes,murder the government,i'm going to hell for this one,stranded,kill all the white man,death of John Smith,perverted,the decline