Resistors - Breaking Tradition (2013)

01. Throwaway
02. Aside
03. I Guess That This Punk Thing Caught On
04. In Pieces
05. Illusions and Traditions
06. 26th Street
07. Ageage
08. Four Hour Boehner
09. Some Invisible Guy is Coming Back to Earth to Save Your Souls Because of Course He Is
10. Unfocused
11. Riding Dinosaurs in the American South
12. He Had a Good Run
13. Bonus!

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 95 MB
Release date: 19 February 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self Released
Resistors are a punk band from Brooklyn, NY, featuring some guys who have played music for a long time. They formed in 2011 after some other band broke up, and almost immediately released their well-received mostly unheard debut Conditioned in 2012. The band has drawn comparisons to 88 Fingers Louie, Good Riddance and Bad Religion.

- Sample song: Throwaway -