Erase The Memory - Erase The Memory EP (2009)

01. Burning the Bridges
02. Colombian Necktie
03. Curse of the Endless Night
04. Destroyer of Worlds
05. November 19th
06. Reminders

Download: Zippyshare
Genre: Progressive / tech skatepunk
Quality: 128 kbps
Release date: 2009
Label: Self Released

Erase The Memory blazes with the speed of melodic punk, screams with the intensity of emotional hardcore and blasts with the breakdowns and tempo changes of our metal forefathers. The songs can turn on a dime, switching from lightning speed to driving mid-tempo to brutal collapse and back in the space of a few seconds... .. Buzzing, interplaying dual guitars lead the way (Matt and Brian), pushed forward by a pummeling bass assault (Craven) and a diversified blitzkrieg on drums (Chris, aka Poobie). Meanwhile, singer Drew's vocals and screams fearlessly forge ahead with unforgettable melodies, anguished screams and raw bellows from depths better left unexplored by surface dwellers. ETM formed in the Summer of 2008 as the result of the merger of two long-time cordial Phoenix punk and hardcore bands, Elyasin and Keep/Away. Sharing overlapping members and playing lots of Valley gigs over the years, it was perhaps inevitable that the two would one day merge... .. Destiny? Dead men tell no tales and the bones are silent, so we may never know. But whatever the case, from this happy coupling we now have ETM, combining the strengths of both bands into a powerful and emotional five piece that has been attacking local stages since the release of their initial six-song ep in Fall 2009. ETM are big fans of the Phoenix Suns, beer and all the many peoples of the Earth. Bring them to your town and they'll drink your beer, explore your people and cry about the Phoenix Suns' last season. And, if you give them a minute, they might just rock your socks off... ..

- Sample song:  Colombian Necktie -