Review: Local Resident Failure - A Breath Of Stale Air

Local Resident Failure - A Breath Of Stale Air (2012)
Author: star11scream
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What happens when Propagandhi, NOFX and Mad Caddies have a threesome? They have a loud, politically correct and drunk baby who has his softer moments, and his name would be Local Resident Failure.

Local Resident Failure, or LRF, of Australia, have really set a name for themselves. A series of EPs have really built up a sense of anticipation and high expectations for their debut album, A Breath Of Stale Air, and hell yeah, they matched them

01. The Opener (7/10)
The title says it, it’s the first of song. Lyrically it gives an idea of the whole album’s concept, - Racism. Musically, it is more melodic than the songs that follow. Strong harmonies and strong licks.
“Another story fucked by Racism”

02. (Still) Kickin’ On (5/10)
The song title is a reference to one of their inspirations. They sing of the “future of punk” and the little progress so many bands have made. The song opens with a catchy riff and some drumming straight outta hell and seems quite interesting, but somehow song doesn’t quite catch on, perhaps it’s too predictable? Maybe, maybe not, but it sure as hell is nothing compared to the rest of the album. Quite NOFX-y.

03. Where the Bloody Hell are Ya? (6/10)
This band is technical, seriously technical. The drumming is unmatched, kudos to Mr. Kye Smith. It’s a brilliant song and is again, quite social in theme, a bit thought provoking, I dare say.

04. Playing the Race Card (6/10)
Quite honestly this songs sounds like something you’d hear while playing Burnout, but it is quite catchy, I noticed as I caught myself singing this to myself after getting it stuck in my head.

05. Amazing Disgrace (8/10)
The reasons why LRF are a great band, can be heard in this song. Harmonies, fast D-beats, a strong melody and riffs so catchy that they beat Billy Joel to it.

06. Everyday’s a Holiday on Christmas Island. (6/10)
No comments.

07. Nowhere To Be Scene (8/10)

Nowhere To Be Scene is a brilliant fusion of Ska Punk into the rest of the album. The song is best described “Short and Sweet and Punk”

08. Defamation by Defecation (8/10)
This is again one of the more poppy song with a nice melody. The song is fast and once again it’s “Short and Sweet”. Is it cheesy or is it satire, we’ll never know.

09. Sad Beginning, Happy Ending (8/10)
Till this point in the album, one might assume this band follows the “fuck everything, nothing’s gonna change” attitude, but this song is different. The song is melodic with a nice Drum ‘n’ Bass type rhythm.

10. Recall (7/10)
This song is NOFX with an extra dose of progressive, with that unique LRF touch.

11. FWP (6/10)
This a song you would have come to expect from LRF. The it’s poppy, catchy and quite political/social.

12. What’s the Good News (8/10)
A interesting song, more “skatepunk” in nature to the other songs.

13. In Sickness and In Health (9/10)
This song deals with an excessively touchy topic that many have gone through - Cancer. The song is beautiful and the lyrics are really personal and promise to touch your heart.

14. Sleeping Beauty (7/10)
This is all you can ask for in a punk song. Speed, melody and Ska. Hell yeah.

15. The Funeral (9/10)
If I could sum up my life into an emotional and fun song, I would definitely envy The Funeral. The lyrics are out of this world and honest to the core. The composition is creative and I would buy the whole album just for this song. A truly brilliant way to end this bomb of an album.
“I’ve learnt to live my life, not being angry all the time” - There’s a lot we can learn from that line.

Overview (7.5/10)
The album is quite wholesome - Passionate, Funny and Political - but is it a bit TOO political? An amazing record put forth by such a new band with amazing production and brilliant production. A must for NOFX, Propagandhi and Political punk fans.

- Vrishank Menon