Boardroom Heroes - Another Year (2012)

01. Acceptance
02. Paradise
03. Elephant
04. City Song
05. Empty Men
06. Not Hesitating
07. Believe Me
08. Pieces
09. Tomorrow Came Early
10. Noise Heard Backwards
11. The Navigator
12. Another Year

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Another Year marks the second effort by Andre and Augusto Pagliarini, collectively known as Boardroom Heroes. The album offers twelve short bursts of smart verses, sing-a-long choruses and velocity - lots of velocity. Had it been written in the late nineties, Another Year would be right at home along side NOFX's So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes and Lagwagon's Let's Talk About Feelings; but in 2012, it sounds furious and fresh.

The duo grew up splitting time between Brazil and the US, where their older brother turned them on to bands like Bad Religion and Pennywise. They ventured out to California to play in a band before rooting themselves in Bethesda, Maryland for the past several years. In 2010, they quietly self-released Boardroom Heroes, a project they wrote themselves. Over the next two years they would continue to write what would become Another Year, which was recorded by Mike Bridgett (Turnover, Let's Be Honest) at the Monster House in Waldorf, MD.

Thematically, Another Year addresses the inevitability of change - and the anxieties and hopes that stem from the unknown. The lyrics are brainy and reflective, but reeled off at a break-neck, spitfire pace. Meanwhile, the instrumentation is every bit as rapid, and every bit as carefully nuanced. The result is a rare, honest punk rock record - one that holds up well in any era.

- Sample song: Paradise -