Slick Shoes writing new EP

After so many years, Slick Shoes is recording a new EP.
From their facebook:
Quick Update for you! Ok, we are currently writing songs for an EP! Also, we will be playing as many shows as physically possible after we are done recording. Please, don't hold your breath for a national tour anytime soon as all of us are family men. Some of us with kids, some with pets, some of us with lots of both! We definitely all have one thing in common, and that is we all have lots of responsibilities other than SS. We all love writing and playing music too, and have missed all of you fans. We all agree we have die hard, dedicated fans, most of which grew up with us and are now growing old with us and that means a lot! So we start this new chapter,part-time and probably DIY. Anyhow, it’ll probably be quiet for a while on this page while we write, but when we start recording or anything new pops up we will let ya know.