New (fast) The Swellers song: Red Lights

The US punk rock / punk pop band The Swellers released a new song from their upcoming 7" Vehicle City Blues. Remember that the band recently left Fueled By Ramen. Here's what they said about the 7" and leaving the label:

Recently, The Swellers decided that it was time to part ways with Fueled By Ramen. We’ve had a good run with them and have a lot of appreciation and respect for everyone at the label. While we wish the staff and their bands the best of luck, we’ve come to the conclusion that being part of a major label just isn’t the right fit for us right now. We’re ready to continue developing who we are as a band, and excited to give our fans the very best of us in whole new ways. We’re excited for this to be a bit of a return to form, while also being a whole new beginning.

On May 29th, we’re releasing a 7” of two songs recorded from the Good For Me sessions that weren’t on the album, but are some of our favorite songs we’ve ever written. They’re some of our fastest, most aggressive songs we’ve made to date. The 7” title came from the song “Vehicle City Blues,” which we wrote about the recent effects of a serial killer in Flint, MI. Our friends at SideOneDummy Records are releasing the 7” for us on limited blue, red, and green vinyl. We’re very proud of these songs and can’t wait for you to hear them.

You can listen to the new fast song here and the other song from the 7", entitled 'Vehicle City Blues' here.

Check the forum post or their facebook page for further news.