The Ignored - Act Like You Care (2010)

01. Yes They Could
02. Family Values Seen From A Different Angle
03. More Than Unity
04. Her Life Your Profit
05. The Mark Of Judas
06. Act Like You Care
07. The Day He Felt Superior
08. Utopia Brings Comfort (To Some)
09. Confessions Of A Carnivore
10. The Wrong Choice

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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The Ignored is a Belgian melodic punk hardcore band. They've already released a split CD with their homies from Face The Fax a few years ago, and after two European tours and shows with bands such as The Bouncing Souls, SNFU, Venerea, Strike Anywhere, In- Sane, Atlas Losing Grip, De Heideroosjes and many other sweet punk rock bands, they finally recorded their debut full length "Act Like You Care." I guess the title tells it all? You can say that they mix beer with politics, their live performance always gives you a good feeling and they enjoy playing no matter where!

- Sample song: Utopia Brings Comfort (To Some) -